Get drunk with the purpill’s purity @Spanish Restaurant ARROZ


Exquisite article! It is! Spanish food Arroz’ “Pillpill of salt dolls”

Spanish cuisine “Arroz” in Kigura-machi , Kanazawa City.

The store that can not easily make a reservation at a popular shop.

Here is the signboard dish of Aros!

“Pillpill of salt dolla”.

Pilpill is the Basque cuisine which is said to be the most gourmet region in the world.

This pillpill uses only olive oil, garlic and cod. It seems that the name of the dish called “Pill Pill” became it as it sounds like “Pilpill” as it sounds like putting on fire (Please check with the above video)

IMG_1673.JPGScoop this hot pillpill with a spoon
IMG_1674.JPGI like this way to eat bread.

Do not get in trouble because it looks delicious!

It is very hot, so if you get caught and eat it will definitely burn your mouth.

Take a deep breath here and calm down, please slowly pillpill in your mouth while doing Hoo fu.

The extreme time is waiting for it.

Someone who has never eaten pillpill yet! By all means in the Aruzu baseball field Pilpil! It is!



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