Recommended for Kanazawa sightseeing !! Rental cycle ” Machinori ” complete introduction

Famous sightseeing spots in Kanazawa city are compacted, so it is possible to go around on everything on foot. Just walking will take a while to move. However, public transportation and taxis are costly … . So I want to recommend the another way for sightseeing for Kanazawa. It is a rental cycle called ” Machinori ”  Today I’d like to introduce the charm and usage of ” Machinori “


What is Machinori ?

“Machinatori” is a service that shares a bicycle. There are 21 bicycle lending / returning bases in Kanazawa. And you can rent (share) bicycles at 200 yen. Further if you use this port to transfer for 30 minutes, you can go to famous sightseeing spots only 200 yen . So  ” Machinori ” is very useful for visiting tourist spots !!

How to use Machinori

First, you will head to the cycle port.  In the case of Kanazawa station, there are several cycle ports. One of them is at the end of Anto(あんと)。So you enter the Anto.
When you enter into Anto, you will head back to the far left at the aisle. After walking for a while, you will see a locker on your right side and a cycle port in the back.
When you open the door,  there is a cycle port.
First of all, I will do various procedures such as payment with this machine on the left side.
When the touch panel is pressed

Tap the biggest ” 借りる ” on the far left. 
When using for the first time, tap “パスワードをもっていない” on the right.
Credit card is required for use, so prepare a credit card.
After answering the question about gender and age, tap “次へ進む”.
Q1 of the question is about sex. 男性 means man, 女性 means woman.
After you press “次へ進む”, Select the period of use. I think most people are one day, so tap “1 day” on the left.
Then enter the phone number (If you do not have a mobile phone, you can use the phone number of the hotel you are staying at.)
tap the ” 上記内容で決定 “Then Insert your credit card. This completes the procedure. Afterwards we pick a bicycle to ride and it is departure !!

Cyclot port installed in major sightseeing spots in Kanazawa city

You can check the place of the spot and the number of bicycles that can be rented by looking at the ” Machinori ” HP. This is convenient !!

So.. Let’s go !!

By the way, departing from Kanazawa station, after a while, there is a ” Machinori office”.
Bicycles of the type not returning to the port are also prepared in the ” Machinori office”.  There is also a motor assisted bicycle.

Cycle port of major tourist attractions

・Close to meitetsumza・Higashiyama area・21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art・Honda Town (near Suzuka Daisaku Kan)Please enjoy the wonderful sightseeing in Kanazawa by using ” Machinori ” !!